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Information relating to Data Protection and GDPR is available on the Data Protection Commissioner’s website or The Information Commissioner's Office  - Northern Ireland email at

Additional information and how data protection specifically impacts Scouting Ireland, as well as supporting templates, forms and processes documentation, will be made available on Scouting Irelands’ website

Should you have any queries or require support, regarding Data Protection, please contact us at


All Scouting Ireland members and Members of Group Council are encouraged to review the content of the GDPR and My Scout Group guidance to familiarise themselves with the requirements of GDPR.


All data protection training will be linked with Scouting Ireland’s ordinary training scheme. It will be embedded in the Scouting Ireland Group Leader training programme . A higher level of understanding and practical application of data protection will be provided through Group Leader Training and Scout Group Board of Trustees Training. In addition, training will be integrated into the modules Learning for your Team and Continuous Learning Modules.  Also, modules will be made available at the Scouters Conference.


A number of Data Protection workshops will be organised for the coming months. Scout Groups Data Protection representatives and any other relevant persons are encouraged to attend. Further Information on how to attend these workshops will be shared in the coming weeks.




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Data Breach Recording Form



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Scouting Ireland - Data Protection Policy