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Following the communication issued on 21st September 2017 giving an update on the website development project, we are writing to give a further update and give some information on VERY IMPORTANT CHANGES that are being made to our processes and procedures.


As you are aware, we are at a very advanced stage of the testing of our new membership management system.


We intend this system to go live to our members on Tuesday 31st October 2017.


We have used the development of this system as an opportunity to review all of our ‘paper based’ processes with a view to, insofar as possible, withdrawn most of the paper forms that we use for the various administrative tasks that need to be completed regularly. Putting the processes online and linked directly to our members’ profiles should create efficiencies that will be of benefit to our members and staff as they perform their respective duties. We are doing our best to take the ‘pain’ out of the administrative tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis and we hope you find this new approach useful.


The first iteration of the new system will be released with the following functionality:


  • Creating Profiles (Youth and Adult registration) – the Adult Application forms will be withdrawn (vetting/Access NI procedures will remain unchanged)
  • Annual Census
  • Scout Group Controls
  • Scout County Controls
  • Scout Province Controls
  • Training & Activity Bookings and Payments
  • International & Domestic Camping Approvals


The rest of the functionality mentioned in our previous communications:


  • Census, Badges, awards, interactions, international camps,
  • Reporting, Chief Scouts Awards, historic profiles, online notifications & call to action
  • Integrated e-learning


Will follow in the next iteration/s shortly thereafter.


Adult Application Forms – VERY IMPORTANT

National Office will not be able to process ANY Adult Application Forms or vetting applications after the 20th October 2017. Any forms that are received after this date, will be returned and the applicant advised they will need to go through the new, online process, once the system goes live on the 31st October 2017. Applications that are in the system up to this point will be transferred to the new system.


All applications, from the 31st will be made online using our new system. Vetting will resume as normal after this date.


Existing Database ( – VERY IMPORTANT

The existing database,, will be switched offline on Friday 20th October 2017. This is to allow for the transfer and checking of data to our new system. All current data will be transferred to our new platform so Scout Groups will not have to re-enter information. There can be no changes or reports run between when the old system goes offline and the new one goes online



Every member of Scouting Ireland will have a profile on the new system. There will be an email sent to everyone that has an email address on the system which will include a link to set up your password on the 31st October 2017. If you do not have an email address noted on the existing DB by the 20th October 2017, you will not receive a link to set up your access to your profile. You will be able to contact the National Office after the 31st October to assist you with this.



Ahead of the system going live to our members on the 31st October 2017, a step-by-step guide to using the new functionality of the new system will be put online and circulated. We will have a trained team in National Office that will be able to assist you with queries and we will be populating an online ‘Knowledge Base’ that will be populated with the FAQ’s as we are receiving them.


As noted above, we are working hard to provide a user-friendly platform to assist our members with the administrative tasks of Scouting and we really hope that you will find the new tools useful. There will be an online feedback tool and we will be delighted to receive your feedback/suggestions as they occur.



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