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As we’re sure you are aware, Scouting Ireland has been engaged in a major IT development project that has been ongoing for some time. We appreciate that our existing systems were dated, did not take advantage of the major advances in technology that would assist our membership and staff with their respective roles and had not had the investment that is required by an organisation as large as ours to ensure we are providing the most up to date and efficient ways of providing our services.


Our developments include:


  • A new, engaging website where our vast range of information is stored and can be easily accessed.
  • A new membership management system that includes a user-friendly way of managing our membership and registering Adults in Scouting, online bookings and payments for events and training, badge and award management, census collection, Chief Scouts Award applications, asset management for Scout Groups, e-learning integration and more.
  • A new blog, Inside Out, where Scout Groups and teams can share interesting stories.
  • An enhanced use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, photo & video sharing)
  • A revamped regular weekly mailing that’s easy to follow and contains lots of useful information.


We want to use technology, to reduce the administrative burden on our members and staff so that regular tasks can be completed efficiently and in an intuitive, user-friendly environment.


We are delighted to inform you that we are at a very advanced stage of the testing of our new membership management system. This system, will be released in three/four iterations over the coming months, commencing in the next 4/5 weeks and will broadly follow the below release:


  1. User Profiles (Groups, County, Province & National) – Training & Event Bookings & Payments, email notifications.
  2. Census, Badges, awards, interactions, international camps.
  3. Reporting, Chief Scouts Awards, historic profiles, online notifications & call to action
  4. Integrated e-learning.


In the immediate term, will be deactivated in the coming days and will point to where all the resources can be found and will continue to be updated on a regular basis.


We will be in touch further in the coming weeks to update you further on the rollout of the above and give instructions on how the administrative processes will change.

This is an exciting time for use as we introduce these new tools to support our organisation into the future. We will have instructions and supports available to assist people with this change and these will be outlined further as part of the roll out plan.


We hope that you will find the new tools useful and will be delighted to receive your feedback/suggestions as there are rolled out.



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