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The financial impact of COVID-19 is affecting our local Scout Groups as well as the provision of local services nationally. We need your help to secure a bridging grant of €2 million to continue to provide Scouting to 34,000 young people in Ireland, from the age of 6 to 26.

Please help us by using the letter template to contact your local political representative and share our campaign on social media. Help us ensure that Scouting is guaranteed to be provided to 34,000 young people across all constituencies in Ireland, providing them with safe, positive, outdoor, structured, social engagement run in small groups; where their mental health and wellbeing benefit, they develop skills and experiences they carry with them for life, and where they can develop their resilience, which is needed now more than ever.

This is about delivering a lifeline for 34,000 young people who are living in extraordinary times. We need your help urgently.

Please Click Here to find out more about our fundraising campaign and for downloadable resources.

Turn Light On 1 In February 2020 Scouting Ireland had 475 Scout Groups across all constituencies, with 36 staff facilitating 12,000 adult volunteers to provide Scouting to 34,000 young people from the age of 6 to 26. Our 12,000 volunteers donate over 4.8 million hours of service to young people every year. This work is worth approximately €76.2 million a year.

We wish to ensure that come February 2022 that Scouting Ireland at a minimum is providing services to the same number of young people and volunteers. The provision of Scouting to young people is imperative now more than ever.

Scouting provides through its 12,000 Volunteers a safe, positive, outdoor, structured, social engagement run in small groups to young people locally. In the current times this is the safest way for our young people to learn and be supported.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have continually reviewed all budgets and reduced or removed expenditure where possible every quarter since Q2 2020 sustaining the organisation thus far. Due to Covid-19 our self-funding through our groups is down from €2.5 million to €1.25 million, a 50% reduction. This hard financial fact is determined by the reality that groups in marginalised and disadvantaged areas have found it difficult to charge members. We need your support urgently.

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