Supporting Adult Volunteers (Mentoring)

Once an adult has started working in a Programme Section Team they should be assigned a Mentor. The Mentor for Programme Section Team members will normally be the Programme Section Team Lead; the Mentor for Programme Team Leads will normally be the Group Leader or a Deputy Group Leader. The Section Team Lead may nominate some other suitable person to mentor the adult, for instance if there is a trainer on the Programme Section Team, that person may well be a suitable Mentor. The Programme Section Team Lead should discuss the selection of Mentors with the Group Leader or with someone designated by the Group Leader such as a Deputy Group Leader or experienced Scouter or Trainer.


The Mentor will support the adult by:


  • Providing them with support with their training
  • Helping them to access other help and information they may need
  • Helping them to play an effective role on the team


It is important that each Mentor adopts a suitable approach, one which is respectful, honest and supportive.


You may find the Supporting Adult Volunteers (Mentoring) Booklet useful to help explain the process.


See also SID 96.13 Adults in Scouting Policy and GLH 100 Supporting Adult Volunteers (Mentoring).