Group Council

The Scout Group Council is responsible for the administration and support of Scouting in the Scout Group. The Scout Group Council shall meet at least four times a year including one meeting which will be the Annual General Meeting of the Scout Group Council. The AGM has some special responsibilities to fulfil; these are set out in the Rules of Association.


It is important that the Scout Group Council and the Scout Group meets its responsibilities to Scouting in the community and it must also be properly represented at meetings of the Scout County Management Committee.


Functions of the Scout Group Council


Some of the functions of the Scout Group Council include:

  1. To plan and co-ordinate all activities of the Scout Group
  2. To control and allocate finance and maintain proper accounts
  3. To support the Programme Sections in operating the Youth Programme of Scouting Ireland
  4. To facilitate the training of all Scouters of the Scout Group
  5. To recruit and vet suitable adults to volunteer with Scouting Ireland
  6. To co-ordinate a social programme for adult members, as desired.


Members of Group Council


The members of the Scout Group Council include:

  • The Group Leader and Deputy Group Leader(s)
  • The Group Chairperson, Group Secretary and Group Treasurer
  • The Group Spiritual/Religious Advisors/Chaplains
  • The Group Quartermaster/Bo‘sun
  • The Group Trainer
  • Three Members of the Parents and Friends Support Group
  • Up to three Programme Scouters from each section, all Scouters may attend Group Council
  • One Youth Representative from the Scout, Venture Scout and Rover Scout sections




The Scout Group Council must agree a set of Standing Orders. Standing Orders are a set of rules that govern the meetings of the Scout Group Council. The Group Secretary, on behalf of the Group Leader, would normally call meetings of the Scout Group Council. The Group Secretary should prepare an agenda for the meeting, in consultation with the members of the Scout Group Council.


Depending on the agenda for the meeting, it may be appropriate to have reports from

the Programme Sections and other members of the Group Council (e.g. Group Treasurer or Group Trainer) updating the Group Council on progress in their respective areas. All Scouters may attend Group Council.


It is important at meetings of the Scout Group Council that all members feel that their opinion is valued and respected and that all feel that there is an environment of openness and transparency. This will ensure meaningful decision and debate. While voting may be necessary at Scout Group Council, it is normally considered most appropriate that decisions are reached by consensus, where feasible.


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