Whole Health

The Whole Health concept should be seen as an encompassing idea that centres round the whole or complete health idea; this includes body, mind, diet and fitness. A young person will go through many changes in life and these changes are not easy to handle. Feelings and anxieties can be heightened and the changes in their bodies can also be a worry or concern. Developing appropriate relationships, friendships and moving from childhood to teenage friends can be interesting and also difficult for young people. In the background, of course, all the external troubles and temptations are ever present - alcohol, drugs and other substances and the threat of bullying and conflict.


An Adult Scouter can become a solid constant in the life of a Youth Member. There will be many opportunities for you to help and guide these young people in a gentle and caring way.   Not in the role of a counsellor but with a view to enabling them, supporting them and directing them to resources and external support / agencies as and if required.


This handbook presents some of the considerations that Adult Scouters should be aware of.   It provides guidance, support and some programme ideas. The idea is to use this handbook as a background aid and reference, every situation will be different and if we keep young people in our focus, and your desire to help and support them on their personal journey you can do some worthwhile work in assisting them in their development.


While this subject matter is not per say part of the prescribed Personal Progression Scheme, it is still a vital part of our programme objectives contained within the SPICES. Please try and use opportunities within the programme to address the issues explored in this handbook - involve everyone, let them talk, discuss and discover in a safe environment among friends (remembering to work as a complete Scouter team within the Programme Section).


The Whole Health Manual