The Venture Challenge

The Venture Scout Challenge is the challenge of a lifetime that is available to Venture Scouts aged over 15 on the day of departure and 18 or under on the 31st August of the year of departure. It is a chance to undertake an expedition over five to six days that brings a real understanding of our country, its people and way of life. It is designed to help young people develop a real understanding of the environment we live in by traveling through the country, working as a small team to complete a series of projects, and, most importantly, by meeting local people. The basic elements of the Scouting Ireland Venture Scout Challenge Expedition are as follows:
  1. Five to six days of traveling covering a minimum of 100 km of countryside through towns and villages.
  2. Keeping a log of your journey and experiences.
  3. Completing a number of prescribed projects assigned to you by the Expedition Team.
  4. Completing the Special Interests Badge agreed prior to departure with the Expedition Team.
  5. Living on a limited budget.
  6. Successfully completing the adventure skills aspect of the challenge.
The way in which you carry out these challenges is as important as completing them. Over the course of the Venture Scout Challenge Expedition you and your teammate must do your personal best and demonstrate that you have done so through the Scouting Method and in line with the Scout Law & Scout Promise. The Scouting Ireland Venture Scout Challenge Awards The Scouting Ireland Venture Scout Challenge Awards shall consist of the following three levels:
  1. Certificate
  2. Certificate & Badge
  3. Certificate, Badge & Challenge Woggle
The Certificate shall be awarded to those individuals who take part in all or some of the expedition and have not been removed from the expedition for reasons contrary to the Scout Method. The Badge shall be awarded to those individuals who satisfy the requirements of the Certificate and in addition complete the required distance, within the specified time frame, within budget and attempt all of the prescribed projects and Special Interest Badge.
The Challenge Woggle shall be awarded to those individuals who satisfy the requirements of the Certificate and Badge; and in addition complete the logs, prescribed projects and Special Interest Badges and the designated Adventure Skill Element to meet the criteria as outlined in this document. 
Venture Challenge

The Chief Scout's Award

The Chief Scout’s Award ties in with the three main areas of programme (Fiontar, Adventure Skills and Special Interest Badges) and can be worked on right from the time you begin your journey as a Venture Scout. There are seven areas to the award as follows:



One Special Interest Badge from the “Skill” Area.


One Special Interest Badge from the “Physical” Area.


One Special Interest Badge from the “Community” Area.


One Special Interest Badge from the “Environment” Area.

Scout Skill:

Two Adventure Skills to Stage 6 and one Adventure Skill to Stage 7.

Journey / Expedition:

Walking 50-79 km over three consecutive days and two nights.

Residential / Intercultural:

Shared activity with a group in a residential setting for five days & four nights, must include an intercultural aspect and be based in another country. This award should take you at least twelve months to complete (or six months if the Scout’s Chief Scout Award is already held). The Venture Scout Chief Scout’s Award will qualify you for the Silver Gaisce Award or DOE.


The Chief Scout Award Manual

Chief Scout Registration Form

The Chief Scout Award Completion Form


Venture Chief scout award

Special Interest Badges

Special Interest Badges (SIB’s) allow you to bring personal interests into the Venture Scout programme. There are five basic badges:


Personal Skill

This can be any new skill e.g. technical, mechanical, music, drama, arts & crafts.

Physical / Recreation

This is a personal challenge which you set to your own level of fitness. You can start a new sporting activity or improve upon one you are already pursuing. This can range from hillwalking, to aerobics, to horse-riding. This is your challenge so make it something you want.

Adventure / Journey

The sky is the limit with your adventure. It should be something completely new that you have never done before. It can be a mountain you have never climbed or a challenge race. It should also broaden your horizons.

Community Involvement

This should benefit your community around you. Charity starts at home! Helping your community not only gives you great satisfaction but will improve the quality of life of people around you. Are you prepared to make a difference?


As a generation we are exploiting our environment. This is your chance to make a small difference, it can be anything that will even make the slightest change and it can be as imaginative as you want. There are no set requirements. You must select an area, pick a project from within that area and agree with the Venture Executive what you will have to do to complete the project.


Ideally the project must meet the following criteria:

  • Challenge yourself to learn new skills or develop existing ones.
  • Help increase your knowledge of the particular area.
  • Contain a practical element which will benefit others. 


Special Interest Badges


Venture SIB's

Navigator Badges

The Venture Scout Navigator Badges offer the chance for your Unit to pursue maritime skills. There are four stages to be completed, all of which are based around the following competencies:


  • I have mastered many core skills required for seamanship.
  • I can take the lead with regard to the water safety of an entire group of people.
  • I have mastered many of the technical skills for water activities that form part of seamanship.
  • I have an in-depth knowledge of marine navigation and chartwork
  • I have acquired an in-depth knowledge of signalling techniques and know why they are used.
  • I have in-depth knowledge of the nautical heritage of my own Group and community, and knowledge of wider nautical history and terminology.
  • I can coordinate and lead boat maintenance with my Group.
  • I have gained an in depth knowledge of weather and tides and how they influence my local sea area and activities that take place there.


Nautical Training Scheme - Venture Scouts

                         Venture Navigoator badges