Uniform & Gear

Venture Scouts wear a scout uniform consisting of a neckerchief with woggle, a scout shirt and trousers with belt. The Venture Executive will let you know what is appropriate to wear on activities and at meetings.

There may be some traditions in your Scout Group to consider, and the event organiser will specify what is required in many instances.

Options include a lanyard - and for Sea Scouts a jumper. For ceremonies and special occasions we make a big effort to wear our uniform with pride.


By going on activities you will learn what is best to wear and what gear and extras to bring. Ask people with experience for advice. There is lots of great advice on-line - check it out and make up your own mind.

Hike Gear List


Irish weather is predictably unpredictable and temperatures drop in wind and with height-gain. Best solution is layers that the Cub Scout can remove/add depending on conditions. Breathable fabrics (e.g. sports tops) work better than cotton in wet conditions. Fleeces are lighter than wool. They’ll get cold and wet wearing jeans – go for jog pants or hiking type trousers. Don’t forget a warm hat, a sun hat and gloves – we get all types of weather in a day in Ireland.


Raingear is vital – a hooded jacket and over trousers. The emphasis is on being rain proof. Warmth can be handled by wearing extra layers underneath.


Hiking boots are vital – can be expensive but bad footwear makes unhappy Cub Scouts. Buy boots in a camping/hiking shop and get the best fit you can so they don’t rub – not too tight. Stiffer boots protect ankles from twists/breaks on rough ground. Trainers/wellies are dangerous on hillwalks. Note: New boots should be well broken in at home before being used on a hike.


Gaiters (knee to ankle) protect boots and socks from mud and water – a good optional extra for the Cub Scout that does a lot of hiking in the hills.


A small rucksack (school bag size) for lunch and layers on day-hikes

Weekend Camp Gear List

The items below are in addition to the Hike Gear List above



Instead of the small backpack needed for hiking for a camp a Cub Scout needs a bag large enough for all their equipment. A 55-65 litre sack will be about right. 85 litre sacks are for expeditions/adults.

Sleeping Bag

Get an adult sized 2-3 season sleeping bag as they'll grow into it.

Sleeping Mat

A Roll-mat is ideal – this foam or thin inflatable mat insulates the Cub Scout from the cold of the ground when camping. Yoga mats don’t work, campbeds are too bulky, and full airbeds are way too bulky for a Cub Scout to carry and inflate.

Tents, camp stoves, boats etc will be provided by your Group.

Other items your Cub Scout will gather over time include a first aid kit, personal survival kit, compass etc.

Weekend in the Hills Gear List

Coming Soon, Sorry!

Expedition Gear List

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Where to shop?

Uniform, Gear and Badges can all be bought online from The Scout Shop and in the Bray Store.